Traumatic Birth Injuries:

When Medical Neglect Turns to Malpractice

There’s nothing more frightening than the potential consequences induced by traumatic birth injuries. For any parent, the idea of coping with such devastating repercussions is inconceivable, but the alarming fact remains that over 20 percent of all infant deaths are caused by birth defects, brought on by traumatic birth injuries.

Birth trauma is considered to be any damage sustained to the tissue and organs of a newly delivered child, often as a result of physical pressure or trauma during childbirth. Shockingly, 6 to 8 traumatic birth injuries occur per 1000 live births, and many of them are often due to medical negligence.

If you or someone you know need to file a birth injury lawsuit, it is strongly advised to consider a consultation with a birth injury law firm for legal expertise. Whether you require specialized consultations with a cerebral palsy lawyer, or a standard consultation with a skilled birth injury attorney, a thorough assessment of your case will be provided.

For additional information regarding traumatic birth injuries and how to proceed with a medical negligence claim, take a look at our latest infographic, as featured below.



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